How to embed a money button in a blog [with profit]

How to embed a money button in a blog [with profit]

① Access your blog and edit pages
Since there are tabs for creation and HTML, prepare for editing in HTML display.

② Access the money button at the bottom of the page
Point to Make a money button

(3) After checking the left items on all three steps from the top
Enter a number in the second-tier amount
0.1 because USD is set to 0.1US Dollar
Select US Dollar on the currency tab.
After input, button display on the right
Copy because the code appears below

④ With the code copied
Return to the blogger edit page
Paste at the bottom, update and finish.

A button appears on the blog.
You can also display three buttons: 0.1USD, 0.25USD, and 0.5USD. Just repeat the above work.
Some blog sites are not supported
Wix and bloggers can display buttons.
BSV holders registered for money buttons
If you press the button, the money button will be credited.

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