BSV is something that everyone can use in micropayments and be widely used than expected

BSV is something that everyone can use in micropayments and be widely used than expected https://plaza.rakuten.co.jp/bitcoinsv0123456/ We believe that BSV will be widely used by everyone in micropayments rather than expecting price increases. If it is widely used by 100 million people, it will be a win or not even if the price drops at that stage, and sooner or later. Wide and cheap to use and has sustainable conditions Currently, there are only BSV coins. 2022 As of March, I feel that it is only an unfounded illusion to think that BTC will continue to rise forever with only holding transactions without doing anything. As a chart, even if BTC exceeds 10 million yen, I expect that it will not be much at the top of 🌈. You can see that it is a number that cannot be maintained in the future. I do not know the exact forecast, but even if the BSV value drops at that point, it is not 1/40 of ETH as a result, but BSV is 1/5 from the high price, so it is OK even if it drops to 1/5. You only have to invest in the amount of money, and if you think that it is sustainable and purely "use", you only have to put in the amount you use. I see the bottom around 8000 yen as hard. Actually, LTC was considerably lower than BSV at the time of BSV 8000 yen, so For BSV wallet, we recommend Handcash, which is convenient and feels TOP. With a common sense amount. So, when using it at Amazon Japan, you can send it to CENTBEE, buy a number and use it immediately, and you can also use it with Handcash apps, games, Dotwallet games, RelayX NFT, etc. You can also play Cryptofight. You may own OKX. I don't want to think about anything other than BSV, so it doesn't take much time to buy LTC at BITBANK, OKX, sell USDT, buy BSV / USDT, and send money to Handcash. It is a profit that everyone can use it and it is more convenient. If that happens, there will be profits from that point onward, and I can have such vague expectations. Even with the Note SV I posted on my blog earlier, the current situation The strongest and most secure password management software Profit as value when it can be used That's why, even if the price doesn't go up, if it can be widely used, the personal efforts that have been done on the BSV blog to thoroughly investigate BSV and promote understanding will be rewarded. It feels like there is a little bit of that plus something. So when it comes to BSV, think of it as "value when widely used" rather than price. BSV micropayments and IP2IP are likely to update the net. Also, Dr. Craig Wright invented Bitcoin, which has used a lot of power in casting, aging and propagation since the first 10-minute mining block generation ENTER key was pressed, and BSV was initially in only 3 years. We achieved the TX increase intended by the Bitcoin white paper with BSV and overtook BTC by the number of processes. For me, POS coins and emerging coins that have recently appeared For example, PoST (Proof of Spacetime) cannot easily exceed the POW power efficiency of BSV. If you can do that, you should have succeeded before the issuance of WP. None of them can handle the scale and it is too convenient, so I will conclude that that kind of information and coins are just pump brands that are close to fraud. you Floppy disk capacity every 10 minutes Sustainability in either coins or unlimited BSV Do you think there is?


必見! ビットコイン作成者Dr. Craig S. Wright博士最新プレゼンテーション日本語化

必見! ビットコイン作成者Dr. Craig S. Wright博士最新プレゼンテーション日本語化 https://note.com/youiti2nz/n/nfbbe6c423e21 最初に。BSVは値上がり期待するより みんながマイクロペイメントで使って 使えるようになるものと考えてます。 みんながマスクする習慣になって 良くなったことを考えましょう。 1.かぜウィルスが拡散しにくくなった。 2.女性の目しか見えないので顔での不公平 を感じなくなった。[現実ではあまり顔など 見ませんが]3.3密減少傾向はGREEN方向 それがインセンティブだと思うので。

BSV Teranode最新情報

BSV Teranode最新情報 2024年4月18日 06:25 BSV Teranodeのネットワーク インフラストラクチャ責任者である Jake Jones による素晴らしい説明動画。 実際に使用されうる「ビットコイン」や「次に来るインターネット」について知...